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Sofia Idawati Lubis

Students’ Listening Strategies To Cope With The Problems In Listening Class

Jurnal Ilmiah “PEDAGOGI” FKIP-UNIVA Medan

Vol 7 No 1

Januari – April 2020

22 – 25


This article deals with the strategies employed in listening class. Listening is one skill that highly
complicated, started from receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating, and responding to what
they hear. It becomes a problem to the students especially in an EFL classroom. Sometimes the
students are discouraged to this situations. To overcome the problems, one of the solutions is
employing the strategies of listening. It provides the students some techniques to construct the
meaning from the speaker and give respond. Therefore, it is needed serious attention from the lecture
to introduce the listening strategies to the students in listening class. So that they are prone to get the
meaning from the speaker even though they are lack of vocabulary. It is expected that the application
of listening strategies can assist the students getting the message from the speaker and finally it gives
significant improvement on students’ listening skill.

Kata Kunci
Listening, Strategy

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